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Measuring rod of a‘Model School’

– Nilmoni Chakraborty

State Coordinator

Vidya Bharati Shiksha Samiti, Tripura

Tripura The overall success of a school is fetched with utmost participation and cooperation from the teachers as well as SMC. Guidelines can be obtained from Education department for the greater success of the school. In the context of Child development and progress of school, environmental participation, academic arrangement, lively-wakeful examples are very much important. Generally it is the responsibility of SMC to preserve the interest of teachers and to arrange the necessary languid materials which are necessary for the school campus. The first and foremost responsibility of the teachers is child development and for this they should also effectuate the faith of guardians by involving them in social activity through the arrangement of active cooperator. This process will be able to calculate the progress of the school as well as the success of the active cooperator in this holy work.

What is School ?

School is not just a structure of bricks and cement, here children learn through quotations and images of Mahapurusha, through books and cultural and academic environment.

Children acquire spiritual consciousness through assembly, Jatiya Sangeet, Vandemataram, etc. School should be the centre of social consciousness.

Elements of Model School-

  • Students : First stair of Model school is students. The greatness of his school and his parents are reflected through the behavior and activity of the students. If ever guests visit his house when his parents are busy in daily household chores then the child felicitates the guests and brings water for them. During that period one common question asked by the guests is about the name of school of the child. Being influenced by the behavior of the child, guests usually wants to know the name of his school where he is nurtured so properly.
  • Teacher : The status of a school is established in the society through the dictum and behavior as well as the style of work of a teacher. Teachers are the bricks and mortar of the school.
  • Guardian : In our holy works, guardian are the key cooperator. They discuss our works in the society and for this the name and fame of the institution is established in the society.
  • Ex-students : School is well known by the activity of the ex-students. If they are doing good in the society, everybody would ask about their school where they have studied.
  • Programs : Good programs establishes our identity. School is standardized by conducting activities like cultural program, physical activity, camps, processions, woodser outing, etc.

Identity of Greatness :

  • School will become an ideal institution if the children as well as the teachers are full of good qualities and of positive mindset.
  • Identity will be established through dictum, behavior and personality.
  • There should not be any difference in word and work in the deeds of the teachers.
  • Though the style of work establishes one’s identity in every field but deft works are the measuring rod of our identities.

Physical resources of Model School:

  • Physical structure of School
  • Room of Head Master and office
  • Classroom and it’s furniture with proper air circulation in the rooms
  • Good conditioned separate Toilets for girls and boys,
  • Attractive playground
  • Well furnished laboratories and library
  • Placement of essential items should be arranged in a proper way
  • Decoration should be done through proper planning

Academic Activity –

  • There should be good behavioural ambience with students in the campus.
  • Teacher should do their weekly planning regularly (specially academic).
  • Child centric proper presentation is expected.
  • Use of TLM should be the habitual.
  • Topic should be presented in a simple and child centric way
  • Students should be evaluated through Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)
  • Departmental works should be done in a proper and planned way

Office Manager :

  • Timely deposit (in bank) of fees collected in office
  • Financial transparency should be maintained
  • Auspicious planning should be implemented

Others –

  • Collective decision
  • Good mutual relation
  • Cooperation of Matri Shakti
  • Fruitful implementation of the plan advised by Vidya Bharati
  • Implementation of Adharbhut Bishay and Ayams

Particular –

  • It is batter to be UPAYOGI than YOGI
  • Good behavior is important than good impression
  • Smiling face increases your fame and work with smiling face increases your identity.

“Ineffectiveness destroys all nobility.” – Man. Lajjaram Tomar

– Dhanyavaad –

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