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Free Eye check-up camp Organized by Anand Niketan Trust

Anand Niketan Trust, Kalipur, demonstrated a sincere commitment to community welfare through the organization of a free eye test camp at the Vidya Bharati Multipurpose Educational Project in Hajongbari.

The event, distinguished by its dedication to promoting eye health and well-being, garnered the enthusiastic participation of villagers, students, and acharyas from Sankardev Shishu Niketan Hajongbari.

Employing cutting-edge technology, the camp embraced modernity in eye care, utilizing advanced machinery to conduct comprehensive eye tests. The utilization of this state-of-the-art technology ensured in-depth examinations surpassing routine assessments.

A total of 170 individuals reaped the benefits of this considerate initiative, undergoing thorough eye examinations that offered insights into potential disease diagnoses.

Going beyond the scope of traditional eye tests, the event represented a comprehensive outreach endeavor, enlightening participants about the significance of eye health and regular screenings.

By disseminating essential information regarding disease diagnosis, the camp aimed to empower individuals with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions regarding their eye health.

Esteemed individuals dedicated to community well-being graced the occasion. Sanchiram Payeng, an Anand Niketan Trustee, was in attendance. Also present were Manoj Kalita, Head of Anand Niketan Project, and the niketan’s Pradhanacharya, highlighting the collaborative essence of this impactful event.

Conducted by Dr. Garima and Dr. Chirandeep from Guwahati Medical College, the meticulous eye examinations were marked by their expertise, ensuring precise diagnoses and recommendations. This expertise significantly contributed to the comprehensive nature of the initiative.

The organization of the free eye test camp by Anand Niketan Trust signifies an enduring commitment to community welfare and the enhancement of health standards within the region.